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Projects (Extracts)

We will be glad to inform you on our accomplished projects personally.

  • Innovation Studies for Convenience food, Automobiles
  • Ergonomics and Design in Building Equipment and Appliances, Home automation (with architects, industry designers, clients)
  • Pet food conceptions for gourmet Dog food manufacturer
  • Packaging tests for Veterinary medicines (with agriculturalists)/Cosmetic products/Computer games/Foodstuffs/Children
  • Customer satisfaction in Banking (Private Bank Luxembourg)
  • In-home observation of cleaning agent sector
  • Family interviews in automobile sector
  • Car Clinic
  • B to B in commodities, natural resource/Transport Industry, Haulage firm/Web site test for office needs/Forwarding agency
  • International: Promotional, Advertising film, Packaging tests, household appliances
  • Employee satisfaction in international firms


  • Automobile
  • Banks
  • Household appliances, housing technology
  • Agricultural Equipment and Machines
  • Foodstuffs
  • Veterinary medicine, Pet food
  • Transport & Haulage

We will personally inform you about the projects we have realized.