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In the context of international projects, we clarify socio-cultural particularities and any barriers that may potentially arise that are worth avoiding. We develop suggestions for solutions regarding enhanced product consumer acceptance, packaging design, or advertisements in various markets. We look for the shared common denominator …

An example from practice:

A tea manufacturer’s brand is considered too ‘mainstream’ in some countries. Within this context, a new line of tea is to be launched. The goal: To develop a mix between packaging and brand assurance that distinguishes the product from its competitors in the black tea segment and gives the consumer both a benefit and a ‘reason to believe’ in the product. The test countries include Germany, France, Poland, Turkey, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Based on contrasting socio-cultural habits and norms, varied product assurance and packaging is favored. If tea consumption is a social ceremony in Saudi Arabia, in Germany, a product that inspires and conveys a feeling of ‘Zen’ is preferred.

We offer consulting advice and conduct qualitative studies with our international network partners. We go on site and brief the local moderators. We have experience in the most diverse countries and regions including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Asia, America as well as the neighboring European countries.