Specific Instruments.

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They help us to arrive more efficiently at the crux of our results

  • More selectively responsive to the test object
  • Acquire greater security with respect to already available knowledge

Here are two examples:

The Duel

The Duel is the preferred technique if numerous target groups are all affected by the same research object. Through the interactive process, the Duel more effectively brings to light the imaginary as well as the ideal, than is possible through an individual interview. Various views and opinions make individual conflicts, resistances, and agreement especially transparent.

Quali Jet 99

Quali Jet 99 is a security instrument. It is implemented after a qualitative phase, say a focus group or interview, in order to test developed concepts for their approval and validity.

Some 99 participants recruited from the target group are, with the help of a questionnaire, confronted with the concepts previously developed in the qualitative phase. The interviews can be conducted in person, on-line; or by phone. The questions significant to the study have already been distilled from the qualitative phase.

  • Permits us to quickly quantify sufficiently collected variables
  • Ensures comparatively high security with respect to the validity of our results