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A forward-looking perspective


Creative techniques lead to

  • Innovative solutions for products and services
  • Up-to-date products, product lines and concepts


  • Inspire and integrate
  • The opposition between research object and actual trends
  • Regular, routine actualization of a concept or market profile
  • Explorative and explicative analysis of present day phenomena

Through emerging development, consumer expectations can be predicted. A particularly effective instrument for stimulating a group's creativity.


Ethno Krea

The production of ideas through listening directly to participants. The site of observation is one's living quarters or workplace.

  • Creative answers to the needs formulated by test subjects
  • Immediate evaluation of newly emerging concept through participants
  • Greater security

Fokus Krea

Fokus Krea belongs to those qualitative techniques with a particularly creative orientation. It involves an instrument in which two groups are interactive.

  • The moderation of a focus group through rational, projective techniques
  • Observation of groups by an internal creative team (our trained employees, product managers, experts…) through a viewing glass or video
  • Simultaneous production of ideas in a stimulating atmosphere
  • Immediate evaluation of the resulting ideas by a focus group
  • An instrument to update concepts and products or to obtain new, innovative ideas