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In the course of the history of qualitative market research since 1900 to the present, numerous methods and techniques as well as new combination possibilities have been developed. We talk of a ‘silent revolution,’ particularly since the 90’s. We offer a number of diverse further advancements and specific instruments.

These include for example

  • Observations of participants in their use of your product or typical purchasing situations
  • Confrontation between participants and stimuli
  • Reactions and imaginary impressions
  • Open or direct questioning in the form of check lists that provide clear answers
  • The production of new ideas with the help of qualitative interviews
  • Individual solutions or group consensus solutions

We inform and provide you with consulting expertise in a selection process that provides you with a line of offers tailored to the aims of your study.

In the menu on the left you find a small selection of techniques and instruments that we implement in our investigations.